Introducing PetEyez:

Where Passion Meets Pet Wellness

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Dr. Adam Cherry

CEO and Director of Product Innovation

PetEyez is a leader in pet eye health, founded by Dr. Adam Cherry, a board-certified optometric physician with over three decades of experience. The brand's origin is deeply personal, stemming from vision loss in Dr. Cherry's family, inspiring him to significantly improve pet eye care.

Dr. Cherry leveraged his expertise in eye health to create FitEyez, a vitamin gummy line for human ocular wellness. Seeing a lack of such products for pets, he expanded his focus to develop specialized eye care solutions for animals.

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Dr. Sally Lane

Director of Veterinary Medicine and Outreach

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About Pet Eyez™

Pet Eyez™, Vitamin Treats was developed by a board-certified optometrist and a team of veterinary specialists to promote optimal vision and healthy eyes in dogs. Our unique formulation of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, including Astaxanthin, Lutein and a superfood like blueberries, works to support the function and health of the ocular structures, including the lens and retina.

Pet Eyez™ strives to add new and innovative products to the pet industry that can make a difference in our pet's lives. Our delicious and robust Pet Vitamin Treats help with Eye Tear Stains, Dry Eyes, Cataracts, Corneal Ulcers, Retinal Disorders, Red and Irritated Eyes.

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Adam Cherry, OD

CEO and Director of Product Innovation

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Director of Veterinary Services

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David Levy

Chief Visionary Officer

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Administrator and Lead Customer Service Representative

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Pat Doughty

Chief Financial Officer



Director of Warehouse Management and Fulfillment

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Kim Cherry

Quality Control Manager and Assistant Shipping Manager



Lead Graphic Designer